Jack Butterworth

“We are now one month into our new Kingsdown bedding and are very pleased. We are very satisfied and our sleep is wonderfully improved. Thank you for your courtesy and timely response to our concerns. We would be pleased for you to use our experience to assure future customers of the high quality of service and products you dedicate to them.”

Deborah Holzhauer

“I am proud to say that I am enjoying my new mattress. For the first time in two years, following 3 surgeries I am able to sleep on my left side as well as my right. I wake up only once or twice during the night as opposed to 6 times. Great improvement!”

Patti Powell

“I purchased the Green mattress and frame. I would toss and turn with pain and pressure spots due to my fibromyalgia. I woke up sore and tired. with my new Kingsdown mattress set I usually wake up in the same position. No stiffness or pain. I feel well rested and have more energy throughout the day. It is hard getting out of the bed becasue I am so comfortable. I am so glad I found this mattress and it is an investment that is worth every penny.”

Graham and Di Cairns

“I have a really painful arthritis condition and a slipped disc in my back so as you can imagine, it has been very difficult for me to get a good night’s sleep for a long time. We went to several bed shops and tried many beds. Then we were introduced to Kingsdown. When the salesperson started to explain the attributes of the bed and the research and development, I thought to myself It is all very well but a bed can only do so much. You did convince us that this bed was really the best way to go, but I knew that the real test wouldn’t come until we had slept on the bed for some weeks. Now that we have been sleeping on this Kingsdown bed for a couple weeks, we have nothing but praise for the bed. I don’t annoy my partner by wriggling around all night and when we do move towards the center, the bed supports both of our weights without us rolling in towards each other. The bed is a great height from the floor and is well supported on the edges. Di and I both say now that buying this bed is the best investment we have ever made. We tell everyone how good it is although some do screw up their noses a bit when we say how much it cost. I would thoroughly recommend this to everyone and particularly those who are suffering aches and pains, are light sleepers, and those who just enjoy a good sleep.”

Jim & Donna McDonnell

“I suggest you re-brand the Webster Plush, naming it the “Kingsdown Cloud” next best thing to sleeping in heaven, & you can use that by-line! Integrity, Confidence, Honesty, Quality, Satisfaction, Commitent, Loyalty, these are what comes to my mind when I think , Kingsdown.”